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OFFICERS - Board Of Directors

Christine Marco

WSC President since 2023

WSC Secretary since 2017

Greg Raciti

WSC Vice President since 2020

WSC member since 2012

WSC Action Shooting Co-Founder & committee member since 2016

WSC Board Member since 2017

WSC Membership Chairman since 2017

Greg is an avid shooter and participates in various local and regional 3-Gun, USPSA, and action shooting matches. Greg is currently the club's membership chairman and co-founded the Action Shooting Committee in 2016. As a certified NRA pistol instructor, NRA certified Range Safety Officer, and USPSA NROI Range Officer he enjoys sharing his passion for the shooting sports with others.

Claude D'Alessandro

WSC Treasurer since 2018

WSC member since 1995

WSC Board Member since 2015

Claude has worked in Not for Profit Finance for 31 years. He enjoys the shooting sports and is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He is an NRA Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and a USCCA Instructor.

Joe Madden

WSC Range Officer since 2023


Laura Reynolds

WSC Secretary since 2023

Frank Basile

WSC member since 2013

WSC board member since 2018

Frank grew up in Orange County and was introduced to the shooting sports and hunting by his Grandfather and Father, and participated in both archery and rifle shooting as a Boy Scout.  Frank is a weekly Trap shooting participant at WSC as well as participating in the WSC's action pistol shoots.

Charlie Whitehouse

WSC Board Member since 2023

Steve Carollo

WSC board member since 2023

Rick Buono

WSC member since 2016

WSC board member since 2020

WSC Action Shooting Committee Members since 2017

Rick worked in law enforcement for 29 years, 27 of those were with the Village of Goshen PD. Rick attended FBI firearms instructor school in 1986 and FBI Sniper school in 1993, and remained an instructor until his retirement in 2007.

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