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March 2021 Report - Prepared by Jim Griesemer 3/2/2021


Though political news lately has been on the national level in New York State we are seeing the introduction of numerous new laws that impact gun ownership.  For example: Senate Bill S-1605 would require a mental health evaluation every time before a firearm could be purchased, disposed of or transferred.  It can be argued this would turn the 2nd Amendment from a right to a permission at the discretion of unelected appointees.

In addition in Governor Cuomo’s State of the State 2020 address he recommends:

  • Banding individuals from obtaining major components of any firearm online and instead require in-store transaction at a licensed gun dealer.

  • Prohibits individuals who cannot legally possess a firearm from possessing a major component that can be used to easily build a firearm. 

  • Create new misdemeanor and felony penalties for violating the above.

  • Banding untraceable “ghost guns” by requiring firearm parts be sold only to authorized buyers, requiring the same eligibility requirements as a completed firearm and that all major parts have a serial number.

We must remember In 2019 Cuomo introduced legislation to:

  • Extend background check waiting periods.

  • Ban bump stocks.

  • Ban undetectable (ghost) guns including 3-D printed guns.

  • Firearm safe storage laws.

  • Prevent school districts from arming teachers.

  • Statewide regulations for gun buyback programs.

  • Created a red flag procedure enabling concerned family members, educators, and law enforcement officials to seek a temporary order removing guns from individuals deemed to pose risks to themselves or others. 

New York State follows the national trend to introduce more gun related laws rather than increasing enforcement forgetting law abiding gun owners are just that  law abiding.  By the way, New York Civil Rights Law art. II states “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.”



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