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Walden Sportsmen’s Women’s Shooting Club 2.0

Mission: To teach safe handgun and rimfire rifle manipulation and marksmanship skills at all skill levels.
To allow women to feel confident in participating in action shooting sports of their choice.

The course is revamped to bring women in as participants at Walden Action Shooting Club matches.
Meetings: Third Saturday of each month from 9- 12AM

BASICS - Course Curriculum:
1. Handgun/Rimfire rifle skills: Stance, grip, sighting systems/aim, trigger control
2. Introduction to dry fire practice – suggestions for reading material and training tools
3. Introduction to USPSA, Steel Challenge and ISPC commands and additional competition range
safety requirements.
4. Introduction to Steel Challenge
5. Gear and competition equipment basics

Monthly Activities:
Every meeting: safety briefing – 4 rules of firearm safety

1. USPSA and/or IPSC and steel target shooting at various distances – warm-ups.
2. Standard exercises for trigger, aim and recoil control – drills to be commensurate as skills
increase over the season.
3. One short USPSA or full Steel Challenge stage / mini competition using proper commands and
scoring to test skills learned and practiced.

Disclaimer: The above curriculum and monthly activities may be changed/ amended to fit the groups interest and skill sets at any time. Centerfire Rifle and PCC may be added depending on interest and would be under the instruction of volunteer Walden Action Shooting RO staff.
Participants ideally are to have their own firearm but MUST at minimum have the proper NYS permitsas required by law.


Women’s Sporting Chairperson

Pia Henzi


Pia competing at the 2019 USPSA Nationals 

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