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Who can use the Walden Sportsmen’s Club range?

All the club’s ranges are reserved for members and their guests only. We are NOT open to the public.

Does the Walden Sportsmen’s Club host any events open to the public?

Our Sunday trap shooting is open to the public, as well as our scheduled 3D archery shoots. Please check the club calendar for dates and details.

If I attend Sunday trap shooting, does the club rent firearms, and sell ammunition?

No. The club does NOT rent / loan firearms of any kind, nor do we sell ammunition. All shooters are required to bring the appropriate gear.

Can I be a spectator for Sunday trap shooting?

Yes. However, eye and ear protection are mandatory for all that participate in shooting.


Is there a waiting list to join the Walden Sportsmen’s Club?

Yes. We maintain a waiting list throughout the year. New members are considered in September of each year.

Is there any cost to put my name on the waiting list?

No. The club does NOT take any membership fees in advance. If you meet the requirements for membership, you are free to apply via email or mail. Click to download an application

What are the yearly fees and requirements for membership?

Please review the information listed on the membership page and the membership application. All the fees, required yearly work hours, and other details are included. Click to navigate to the Membership section of our website

I see that NRA membership is required. DO I need to include a proof of NRA membership when submitting an application?

No. Just include your NRA membership # and expiration date. We will require proof when you are voted into the club.

The application shows that a current member must sponsor me, but I do not know anyone in the club. Can I get around this?

No. All new members require a sponsor. If you do not know any existing members, we suggest you attend a public event (Sunday trap shooting or 3D archery) to meet some of the members. That is the best path to finding a sponsor.

I do not have a sponsor, but I am current / retired law enforcement or military. Does the sponsor requirement still apply?

Yes. We are proud to have many of our current members are either current or retired law enforcement or military. A sponsor is STILL required.

After I apply for membership, what happens next?

Once your application is received, your contact information will be logged into the waiting list database and an email will be sent to confirm it has been received. In September of each year, we consider new applicants for membership. If an opening arises, an email will be sent to notify you of the opening.

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